Freshman Pictures.....?

Hello there again....I know that it has been a while since my last post, but I wanted to share a "thought" that I had, and it's results.  I know that you are all familiar with Senior Portraits. If you have children, grand-children, nieces and nephews, you know what I'm talking about. Multiple locations, wardrobe changes, makeup, etc., etc. But what about that Freshman that's about to embark into High School? Still innocent(?), yet just beginning that miracle of life called Puberty? That young man or lady that still says "Ewww" when someone mentions the oppostie sex?

All joking aside, my thought was, why not chronicle that Freshman's entrance into High School? As luck would have it, I have my nephew and granddaughter that are both freshmen.  So....I took some photos of them!

To all of my photographers out there, please remember that with teens, especially on location, make them as comfortable as possible. You may want certain poses and looks, but if they are not at ease, IT WILL SHOW IN YOUR PHOTOS!!! Sometimes it takes letting them blow off some steam before you can achieve the composition you want.  The above photos came after a few minutes of this....

Just have fun....and honestly, the purpose of these photographs is to capture that memory of their innocence.  The following are a few more of the photos from their Freshman Photo shoot.  I want to thank Cassidy and Randy for being good subjects, and for putting up with one of my passions!


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