Autumn.....not Fall!

It is now safe to say that we are in the season of Autumn....cooler temperatures, turning leaves, the start of school, and harvest time.  We enjoy hot chocolate, smores complete with bon fires, and brisk evening walks.

I especially enjoy this time because it is the most colorful time of the year for pictures. There is something about the reds, browns, yellows of the leaves that draws me. And if you are blessed to live near a flowing brook--all the better!

Autumn portraits are special, because it is the one time of the year where your subject can be surrounded with nature's finest display of life. Don't get me wrong--springtime is where you observe nature's blossoming: green grass, sprouting tulips, birds chirping and all of that. But when autumn comes, you see all of spring's youthfulness at it's maturity. You also experience the harvest--when the fruits of your labor come to maturity. So with autumn portraits I tend to compose my subjects with that in mind: the thankfulness of achieving a new goal in life, the completion of a project; the reward for a job well done.

So here are a few photos from a trip to Echo Park in Cincinnati, Ohio. I hope that you enjoy, and as always keep on taking photos!!!! 


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