Wedding Bliss

It has been a very long time since I last posted, and with good reason....the Covid-19 pandemic, life changes, etc,.....basically everything we've all had to endure. So it's with pleasure to get to do one of my simple pleasures...taking photographs! I had the opportunity to do a wedding shoot for my brother in law, whom said (finally) "I do" without breaking into a cold sweat. I must admit that I wasn't the hired photographer for the event, but as a photographer, you never leave home without your camera [you never know when inspiration strikes]. Be that as it may, the photographer have to leave before the reception, so I filled in. As a disclaimer, I must state the following. I had "retired" from photographing weddings because of two things: 1) you really need a team of photographers along with video capabilities, drone flyovers and the like. As a single photographer, this is impossible, and 2) wedding parties. Keeping everyone in a pleasant mood while attempting to arrange bodies for a pleasing photo before they all hit the bar for a shot of whiskey because they are ready to party gets a little tiring. Disclaimer aside, I had a lot of fun photographing this event, mainly because the participants were all family members. I knew what I was getting into with this crowd! Lastly. I want to thank Mr. & Mrs. Davis for allowing me to capture their nuptials.


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